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$105,000.00 (Auto Accident)

$105,000 Recovered for Couple in Motor Vehicle Crash In 2011, This case involved an elderly couple traveling home from dinner in a vehicle on Vista Way in Oceanside, when they were hit by a vehicle that had veered off the 78 freeway because its driver had negligently lost control of the vehicle. Four vehicles containing six injured people were involved in the crash. Our 66 year old female client, who was a retired school teacher,suffered massive chest contusions and bruising, as well as a rib sprain and head concussion. Our 70 year old male client, who was a retired design engineer, suffered 3 fractured ribs. Both healed quickly with minimal treatment and nearly no residual problems. One of the four other injury claimants involved, who was a passenger of the negligent driver, had severe permanent injuries. Attorney Russell Kohn was able to secure an early mediation and convince the defendant's liability insurance company to tender its entire $300,000 liability policy limit. The case was settled within five months with $55,000 recovered for our female client and $50,000 recovered for our male client. This case is an example of our firm's efficiency and expertise in expediting case resolution. Consult Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer Russell Kohn Throughout North County communities such as Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Oceanside, Russell Kohn has earned a remarkable reputation as a premier personal injury lawyer. His record of success demonstrates his dedication to obtaining favorable resolutions for each of his clients, while his honesty and integrity distinguish him as one of the region's most trusted attorneys. If you or a loved one has been a victim of personal injury, contact the Kohn Law Office. Russell Kohn aggressively pursues the justice his clients deserve and the compensation they need.


Practice area(s): Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Russell S. Kohn, Esq.

What Makes Attorney Russell S. Kohn Uniquely Qualified To Represent You? As the founder of the Kohn Law Office, Attorney Kohn has limited his practice to representing injured victims in car accidents, wrongful death, and premises liability matters since 1987. Mr. Kohn is a lawyer for people, and...

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