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Car accidents are the leading cause of personal injury and account for thousands of fatalities each year. According to the NHTSA, in 2017 there were 2.7 million injuries caused by vehicle accidents nationwide. The latest data collected shows that in the state of California alone, there were 3,563 traffic fatalities in 2018. Many of these accidents could be avoided, as they are often the result of another driver's negligence, product defects, or other forms of negligence.

Though all licensed drivers in California are required to carry automobile insurance, victims are not always given the fair financial compensation to which they are entitled for their damages, injuries, and other accident-related losses.

Car Accident Statute Of Limitations In California

A statute of limitations sets a time limit for how long after your accident you are able to pursue legal action against the responsible party. These laws differ from state to state, so it's important to understand the laws of the state your accident occurred in.

General Information:

California allows motorists to file lawsuits for injuries sustained in a car accident for up to 2 years following your accident (California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1). In the case of a wrongful death claim, the plaintiff is allowed up to 2 years following the date of the deceased individual's death, if different from the date of the accident.

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Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Some auto accident injuries can take days to appear yet are still no less serious. One of the more frequent types of injuries is whiplash and back injuries, but auto accidents can also result in traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injuries. Some injuries never fully heal and require a lifetime of expensive care, ongoing treatment, and even rehabilitation.

The tragedy of many auto accidents is that the suffering does not end with the injuries themselves: lingering financial burdens can force individuals into bankruptcy, contribute to depression, and tear families apart. Many wonder why they are forced to face these hardships when the accident, to begin with, was not their fault. At the Kohn Law Office, Oceanside car accident lawyer Attorney Russell Kohn can aggressively pursue the justice you deserve.

What Do I Do After An Accident?

After you've been injured, legal issues may be the last thing on your mind. However, it is important that you seek experienced representation from a dedicated personal injury attorney. Recovery should be your top priority and letting the legal professional at the Kohn Law Office handle your case can help give you peace of mind as well as help you seek compensation when bills pile up and you are forced to take time off of work to heal. Learn More

Is California a “Fault” Or “No-Fault” State?

Yes. California requires that in order for an individual to recover compensation for their injuries from the negligent party, they must prove that the other party was at-fault for the accident. However, California is also a Comparative Negligence state, which means that if you played any part in causing the accident, your compensation may be reduced.

For example, if you were 20% responsible for the accident, compensation for the accident will be reduced by that percentage.

Common Causes of Accidents In California 

Aggressive drivers are, by far, the leading cause of auto accidents. In many cases, aggression leads to recklessness, and on the nation's crowded streets and highways, one wrong move can have disastrous consequences.

More frequent auto accident causes include:

Road rage and driving under the influence (DUI) can cause accidents that often result in more serious injuries and carry harsher penalties for the defendant. Road rage results when the actions of one driver are perceived to be a personal affront.

“Cutting off” or passing on the shoulder could potentially incite another driver to act on his or her anger or frustration. Enraged drivers often focus their attention on the object of their rage, and their reckless and careless driving puts not only themselves, but others on the road at great risk.

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