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Suzanne Skolnick

Ms. Suzanne Skolnick is a seasoned personal injury attorney who has been an advocate for personal injury clients in California for over a decade. Ms. Skolnick obtained her Juris doctorate degree from the University Of San Diego School Of Law after graduating cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a B.A. in legal studies.

Ms. Skolnick started as an associate at a small firm located in the Inland Empire. She quickly developed a reputation for hard work, ingenuity, and skill. Ms. Skolnick initially honed her civil litigation skills in the Superior Court for the County of Riverside, California. More recently, Ms. Skolnick practices in the North County San Diego branch of the Superior Court.

She is also admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Southern District of California. Ms. Skolnick is also a seasoned appellate lawyer. Early in her legal career, as a panel attorney for San Diego Appellate Defenders, Inc., she argued criminal defense cases before the California Fourth District Court of Appeal. In February 2015, she successfully argued before the Fourth District Court of Appeal to recover over $149,000 of attorney fees for a personal injury client who sued his landlord for a dangerous condition of property causing a fall injury in Hemphill v. Wright Family, LLC (Cal. App. Fourth Dist., Div. 1; February 25, 2015) 234 Cal.App.4th 911, 184 Cal.Rptr.3d 326.

Though Ms. Skolnick has achieved success in various areas of law, including, car accidents, business and contract law, criminal appellate advocacy; and commercial landlord-tenant law, she really enjoys currently focusing her talents as an advocate for people who need help recovering from life-impacting injuries.

As a member of an attorney team, she has achieved multiple million-dollar recoveries for people injured while in the custody of local government authorities.


  • Adrienne Nims - January 27, 2013

    “It was a tremendous relief to have such great, skilled people to work with. I was satisfied and pleased with the quality of work, care, and concern. It was a tremendous relief to have such great, skilled people to work with. Russell and Suzanne were both very pleasant, knowledgeable, and experie...
  • Gill Hodgkinson - January 12, 2018

    “Very good, positive, and supportive advice during the mediation phase. Both Russell and Suzanne are very professional and experience in the civil litigation process and negotiation. Very good, positive, and supportive advice during the mediation phase. Russell and Suzanne gave great professional...
  • Grechen - May 15, 2019

    “Russell and Suzanne are very patient. I was satisfied with the services and results provided by Kohn Law Office. Russell and Suzanne are very patient and treated my mom and I with respect and kindness. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family!”
  • Mandy Sundling - November 7, 2020

    “What I experienced was professionalism and hard work towards my case. I was always informed on any new details and felt like they both worked hard to get the best results. I learned much about how insurance companies go to great lengths to protect their payouts. Suzanne was honest with me and sh...
  • Norma Kubota - February 13, 2021

    “Suzanne was very compassionate and understanding throughout the case, for this, I am very grateful. Thank you!”

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