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Hugh B. - May 7, 2020

“Mr. Kohn treated me with the utmost respect!-I would like for you to know that from the first time I met Mr. Kohn when he represented my fiancé, he was straight forward and got the most for her. When I got injured I went to him and from what he did for her, I knew I was in good hands with him right from the beginning. He was the right man for the job! It was apparent he loved what he did, as well as, confident in his years of experience, but was in no way arrogant or presumptuous. Throughout this entire ordeal, Mr. Kohn treated me with the utmost respect and never once did I sense he doubted my side of the story. That meant the world to me personally. He kept me informed of how the case was going and in the end, he got the highest settlement for my injuries. I highly recommend a personnel injury attorney law firm, Kohn Law.”

– Hugh B.

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