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How Does Someone Know When To Consult An Auto Accident Lawyer?

A personal injury attorney is someone who practices primarily in the area of civil law and handles personal injury claims for injuries caused by an auto accident. They provide legal assistance to someone who was injured physically or psychologically in a car accident.

Sometimes, a car accident is a life-changing event that may require the services of an auto accident lawyer who can explore and explain all of the legal options available to the injured party. A smaller accident may not require the assistance of a lawyer when the person is capable of handling their insurance claim and there are no serious injuries.

Although it can be difficult to know when to consult an attorney after an auto accident, some indications that it may be wise to contact an attorney are:

  • The accident resulted in death or serious injuries.
  • It is difficult to determine who is at fault for the accident.
  • There may be a statute of limitations for filing claims.
  • The other driver fled the scene of the accident or has no insurance.
  • The police report is inaccurate.

Reasons For Consulting With A Lawyer After An Accident

When someone is injured in Carlsbad, California, there are many reasons to contact an attorney after their accident. The individual may not understand their rights or may be confused by the terms of their insurance contract, or they cannot get answers from their insurance agent.

The accident caused the person pain and suffering, or the injuries affect their quality of life. They may be unable to work and have lost wages as a result. The injuries may be so extensive, the individual is unable to return to work or is forced to take a lower-paying job. The advancement of their future career may be jeopardized.

Benefits Of Having An Auto Accident Attorney

One important reason to contact a personal injury lawyer after an accident is to avoid having to deal with an insurance adjuster. Sometimes, a person says something to the insurance adjuster that is misinterpreted or used against them later on. The attorney deals with the questions from the insurance company and determines what information is necessary to share with the insurance company.

Another motivation for seeking the help of a lawyer is when someone is trying to settle a claim with the insurance company, and they are unable to reach an agreement on the amount of the settlement. A personal injury attorney may intervene and negotiate a fair settlement on the personal injury claim for their client.

When someone does not have a lawyer representing them, the insurance company may try to deny their insured the coverage they paid for or may refuse to pay the claim without investigating the accident. They might deny the claim without providing an explanation to the injured party or continue to postpone payment on the claim.

Services Provided By A Personal Injury Lawyer

When someone hires an attorney to represent them in a personal injury claim from an auto accident, they need to provide the lawyer with information about how the accident occurred. That includes a police report, contact information for the other driver, and medical reports. The person may share photographs of the scene of the accident and the names of witnesses if available.

The lawyer will examine the evidence and police report and determine the value of the case before conducting negotiations with the insurance company on their client's behalf. With the personal injury lawyer handling all of the details of the claim, the injured person can focus on recovering from the accident.

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