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Tips For Handling Insurance Companies After A Motorcycle Accident

Being in a motorcycle accident can be a very stressful and trying time. These types of accidents cause some of the most severe injuries that the human body can withstand. During a time when you’re trying to heal physically and emotionally, you may be hit hard by the stress of dealing with an insurance company in order to get your medical bills paid for.

Insurance companies already want to avoid paying as much as they can. Depending on your circumstances, dealing with insurance companies can be a complete nightmare, especially when multiple vehicles are involved and there are multiple insurance carriers arguing over who is at fault. Here, we offer some tips for handling insurance companies after a motorcycle accident.

Dealing With The Insurance Adjusters

Tracking down multiple insurance companies and arguing your case with them, or even figuring out who to pursue for your auto damages and how, is a huge undertaking. This can be even more difficult if you’re dealing with injuries and medical appointments on top of all this.

In California, you can file a claim against parties responsible for your motorcycle accident. It’s a good idea to notify your own insurance company of the accident as well, as the adjusters of your own insurance company will attempt to argue the liability side of your case for you.

The at-fault party’s insurance company will probably try to contact you and get you statements from you. However, remember that they have an agenda, which is to show you may be responsible for the accident. Before speaking or handing over evidence, a personal injury attorney can guide you on what to avoid saying in order to protect your rights to compensation.

Keep Detailed Records

In order to prove and quantify the payouts for your expenses, the insurance company will probably request copies of medical bills, documentation, and information from your medical providers so that they can follow up and use this evidence in their own defense.

Being organized from the start will help ensure you have everything you need when the insurance adjuster inevitably asks for the bill you received and a summary of your recommended treatment plan in order to confirm that the procedures performed fall under covered expenses.

It’s helpful idea to store all documentation in a binder or multiple file folders and separate your documents chronologically into categories, consisting of bills, treatment and visit summaries, and miscellaneous documents.

Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Hiring an attorney to represent you will make things a lot less stressful. Specifically, a motorcycle accident attorney will have experience navigating the complex process of a motorcycle crash claim. One of the biggest perks of having a motorcycle accident attorney is that you can request all communication regarding your insurance, liability, and medical information goes through your attorney.

They will handle your case investigation, arguing any contested medical bills or treatments, and even help with the liability portion. Another perk of hiring an injury attorney is that they can help file suit against the other drivers or their insurance companies for damages related to pain and suffering.

Don’t Take An Initial Offer

When insurance companies evaluate your claim and come up with a settlement amount, they generally come up with a 10% spread for what they are willing to offer for a payout. They will almost always start on the low end of their range, knowing that most people will try to argue higher. You never want to take the initial offer since it will almost always be at the low end of the range. Your personal injury attorney will negotiate your way up so that you are able to financially recover and obtain the full amount of compensation you need to heal.

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