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Share The Road During Back To School Month

We’re approaching the time of year when summer break winds to a close and our kids prepare to go back to school. This is a special time for families, full of new beginnings and excitement about what the new school year will bring.

Sadly, this is also the time of year when we see an increase in automobile and pedestrian accidents. As school zones become crowded again, some people forget that they need to share the road with the parents, teachers and kids who populate these areas.

To help you ease into back to school season safely, here are some recommendations from a personal injury attorney to keep in mind as we send our young people back to class.

Reduce Your Speed In School Zones, Even During Non-Peak Hours

Speeding is incredibly dangerous, especially around school zones where kids are more likely to be around. Even driving 10 mph above the speed limit makes a difference. AAA reports that a pedestrian struck at 25 mph is two-thirds less likely to be killed than a pedestrian struck by a vehicle going 35 mph.

Most of us understand that we need to reduce our speed in school zones during drop-off and pick-up times. However, always keep in mind that just because class is in session doesn’t mean that children and adults alike might not be coming and going from the school. Always slow while driving through a school zone for the safety of you and the others on the road.

Be Mindful Of Young Drivers

There’s nothing more exciting for a high school student than returning for a new school year as a newly licensed driver. Be cognizant of these young and inexperienced drivers when driving near high schools and parks. Although they might be legally permitted to drive, they’re still new and getting a feel for the driving instincts that come naturally to more experienced drivers.

Drive With Patience

In the early morning hours, parents may be dropping off their children before they need to get to work. Sometimes, there is more congestion during drop-off school hours. While no one wants to be late for work, do not risk your safety and that of others by driving impatiently.

Likewise, there may be more impatient or outright angry drivers on the road. Always drive defensively and do not partake in any road-rage behaviors. If you need, you can flag down a school crosswalk supervisor and let them know of the other driver’s behavior.

We wish all of our Oceanside neighbors a safe, happy and healthy back to school season.

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Kohn Law Office
Kohn Law Office

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