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Disclaimer: Facts differ from case to case and are important to the results obtained. The results shown do not list all facts relevant to the results and are not a guarantee for any future case. Contact our office for a free consultation about your specific case facts and the results we may be able to obtain for you.

Kohn Law Office is committed to helping injured people obtain full and fair compensation. Learn about our successful track record by reading some of our case results.

$1,070,000.00 (Auto Accident)

“$1,070,000 recovered. In March 2018, Kohn Law Office in association with Skolnick Law Group obtained a $1,070,000 settlement for three young men who were passengers in a motor vehicle accident at an intersection in Del Mar, CA. The defendant made a left turn on a red arrow signal crossing directly into the path of the plaintiff’s vehicle. All three clients suffered major injuries including a fractured femur, a fractured pelvis, lumbar vertebral fractures, and concussion head injuries. The clients individually recovered $435,000.00, $315,000.00, and $320,000.00, which were paid by defendant’s insurer Amica Mutual Insurance.”

$1,000,000.00 (Auto Accident)

“$1,000,000 Awarded to Man Rear-ended in Auto Accident In 2000, Oceanside personal injury lawyer Russell Kohn recovered $1,000,000 for a 50-year-old man seriously injured in a rear-end auto collision. As a result of the accident, the man suffered extensive neck and back injuries and required surgery. He continued to suffer severe pain, mild cognitive impairment, depression, and insomnia which led to two suicide attempts. The defendant claimed that another automobile pulled abruptly from the curb into his path, causing him to swerve and collide with the plaintiff’s vehicle. The defendant also argued that the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries was not consistent with the minimal damage the plaintiff’s vehicle sustained.”

$1,000,000.00 (Wrongful Death)

“$1,000,000 Recovery for Wrongful Death of Brother In December 2017, Kohn Law Office in association with Skolnick Law Group obtained a $1,000,000 settlement just weeks before trial for the brother of a 63-year-old disabled man who was struck and killed by defendant’s vehicle when the 89-year-old defendant driver lost control of his truck and drove onto the walkway hitting the man in his wheelchair outside the emergency room entrance at the new Palomar Hospital in Escondido, CA. This settlement was split as follows: $500,000 paid by underlying carrier USAA Insurance Co., $500,000 paid by the umbrella carrier, Scottsdale Insurance Co. This is believed to be the largest wrongful death recovery for a single sibling in San Diego County history.”

$840,000.00 (Auto Accident)

“$840,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims In this case, Mr. Kohn helped an injured couple recover approximately $125,000 in medical expenses as well as $715,000 in additional compensation for injuries sustained in a collision with a vehicle operated by an army attorney. The defendant pulled away from a stop sign and made a left turn in the path of the plaintiffs’ oncoming vehicle. As a result of the accident, the 50-year-old wife suffered neck, shoulder, and back injuries which required three major surgeries to correct. The defendant, represented by the United States government, contended that one of the needed surgeries could not be traced to the collision. After two settlement hearings, the couple was able to obtain compensation for medical expenses as well as the costs of future, necessary surgeries, and lost wages for both the wife and husband.”

$681,606.20 (Underinsured Motorist)

“Net Underinsured Motorist Arbitration Award. In May 2015 Attorney Kohn, along with attorney Suzanne Skolnick, represented a 60 year old man in an underinsured motorist claim against Truck Insurance Exchange (Farmers Insurance). The claimant was injured in a November, 2010 rear-end collision that occurred while he was in the course and scope of his employment as a school district security officer. He sustained back, neck and shoulder injuries and had undergone 4 ½ years of treatment, including neck and back epidural injections and 2 lumbar radiofrequency ablation procedures by the time the matter reached arbitration. The claim against the underinsured motorist settled for the $15,000 minimal policy limit. After the worker’s compensation case was resolved, the case was mediated unsuccessfully with Farmers offering only $30,000. The case then proceeded to arbitration before retired Judge Herbert Hoffman. Less than one week before the hearing, Farmers increased its offer to $175,000. Judge Hoffman determined total damages in the amount of $681,606.20, which included the following items: past economic damages of $156,606.20; future medical expenses of $75,000; past non-economic damages of $150,000; future non-economic damages of $250,000 and loss of consortium damages for the client’s wife of $50,000. After reduction for the worker’s compensation benefits and the third party recovery, Judge Hoffman’s net award totaled $681,606.20.”

$485,000.00 (Auto Accident)

“$485,000 Awarded to Woman Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident In 2003, Oceanside personal injury lawyer Russell Kohn helped a 39-year-old wife and mother obtain a $485,000 settlement for injuries sustained in a head-on motor vehicle collision. Though liability was not an issue, the severity of the injuries were contested; the woman had collided with a tree only eight months earlier and suffered injuries to the same leg as in the second collision. She eventually required a total knee replacement. The defense argued that she would have required a total knee replacement within five years even if the second accident had not happened. The plaintiff’s own expert orthopedist agreed that she probably would have required such procedure absent the second collision, but not until much later in life. The claim was ultimately settled in private mediation.”

$465,000.00 (Woman Injured in Fall)

“$465,000 Settlement for Woman Injured in Fall An Oceanside woman suffered severe fractures after falling from her home’s second-story window. The 51-year-old plaintiff stepped out of her bedroom window onto a narrow pot shelf in order to reach the outside glass which needed cleaning. The pot shelf was enclosed by a short wrought-iron railing. After cleaning the window, she leaned against the railing as she was climbing back inside. When the railing suddenly swung open like a gate, the woman lost her balance and fell backward onto her garage and then dropped 12 feet to her driveway. The fall resulted in fractures in her knee, shoulder, and face. The housing developer and subcontractor responsible for the iron railing were both named as defendants in the suit. They contended local building codes required the railing to open in order to provide adequate fire escape, and further argued that they could not foresee an individual climbing outside onto the pot shelf as the plaintiff had done. The matter was resolved through mediation.”

$400,000.00 (High-Speed Auto Accident)

“$400,000 Recovered for client in high-speed auto impact In 2009, attorney Russell Kohn helped a client recover $400,000 for injuries sustained when the client was head-on motor vehicle collision. The force of the collision was severe, causing the plaintiff’s vehicle to impact the car in front of him, and totaling his truck. The collision was responsible for aggravation of degenerative vertebral disc conditions, and surgery was recommended should non-surgical methods of treatment, including physical therapy and epidural steroid injections, fail to relieve his symptoms. The client was unable to work for two years and had upward of $100,000 in lost earnings due to his injuries. The matter was settled without trial, for $400,000.”

$350,000.00 (Assault Victim)

“$350,000 Personal Injury Settlement for Assault Victim A 51-year-old painter sustained serious injuries when he was assaulted by employees of a plumbing subcontractor. The victim was pushed to the ground and repeatedly punched, kicked, and beaten with a metal extension pole. As a result of the attack, the plaintiff suffered severe knee, shoulder, and forearm injuries. Several surgeries were needed to repair the knee and shoulder. The severity of the injuries required the plaintiff to also undergo lengthy physical therapy combined with drug treatment. He was, however, unable to return to his work as a painter. His settlement included compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.”

$315,000.00 (Man Injured by Drunk Driver)

“$315,000 Settlement for Man Injured by Drunk Driver In 1998, Mr. Kohn helped a 64-year-old limousine driver recover $315,000 in compensation for injuries sustained in a head-on motor vehicle collision caused by a drunk driver. The victim suffered extensive back injury. Due to a pre-existing heart condition, he was unable to undergo surgery for his injury and experienced continued back pain as a result.”

$312,500.00 (Trip and Fall)

“$312,500 Recovered for Disabled Elderly Woman In this case, the Kohn Law Office represented a 71 year old disabled woman who was injured on December 10, 2008 after leaving a restaurant in San Marcos, California. As she walked to her relative’s vehicle, which was parked in one of the handicapped spaces due to her rheumatoid arthritis disability, she walked between their vehicle and another vehicle parked in the adjacent handicapped space. It was dark, there was only a short gap between the cars, and she tripped and fell over a wheel stop in the handicapped parking space. She suffered a fractured femoral neck of her right hip. Her medical damages paid by her Medicare advantage plan were about $30,000. She made a very good recovery and will not require future medical care. There were several problems with the parking spaces where the fall occurred, including the negligent layout of the handicapped parking spaces in that they omitted a necessary access aisle between the spaces in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, the wheel stop was unnecessary due to a bollard already present and in any event was placed too close to the parking space line, and the nighttime lighting in the area was insufficient. This case required a significant amount of litigation and two all day mediations in order to achieve the recovery of $312,500 for our client.”

$460,900.00 (Plumber Who Fell)

“$ 460,900 Verdict obtained in September 2013 Verdict for a self-employed plumber who fell after he stepped into an uncovered drain hole on a mobile home park common area lawn, and sustained a fractured clavicle (collarbone) and right shoulder labral tear resulting in frozen shoulder and need for future arthroscopic surgery. Defense claimed it was not negligent because it had no notice of the uncovered drain hole before the incident.

An additional $149,000 in attorney fees was recovered after a successful appeal of the trial court ruling denying attorney fees. (see Hemphill v. Wright Family LLC (2015) 234 Cal. App. 4th 911, 184 Cal.Rptr.3d 326)”

$302,000.00 (Dog Bite Victim)

“$302,000 Awarded to Dog Bite Victim while walking his poodle, a 71-year-old man was attacked by a pit bull. The pit bull knocked the man to the ground, fracturing his hip. When the victim was found, more than 30 minutes later, he had suffered deep puncture wounds and lacerations to both arms. His wounds required significant stitching. As a result of the hip fracture, he was forced to undergo a right hip replacement surgery. The operation necessitated a prolonged hospital stay and further recovery in a nursing home. Personal injury attorney Russell Kohn was able to help the victim obtain $100,000 in both current and future medical expenses. Due to the severity of his injuries, the plaintiff continued to suffer loss of strength in his right leg as well as limited range of motion, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as putting on shoes and socks. He was awarded an additional $202,000 for his pain and suffering.”

$250,000.00 (Rear End Auto Accident)

“$250,000.00 – In June 2018, Kohn Law Office in association with Skolnick Law Group, obtained an uninsured motorist insurance coverage policy limit settlement of $250,000.00 on behalf of their client who was stopped for a red light when her vehicle was struck violently from the rear by a vehicle driven by an uninsured motorist in San Diego. The client’s injuries included whiplash, aggravation of a pre-existing lumbar spine condition, severe bruising to both of her calves, traumatic orbital hematoma, and a concussion with loss of consciousness. The settlement was paid by the plaintiff’s insurer, The Hartford Insurance Company.”

$225,000.00 (Auto Accident)

“$225,000 Recovered for Man Injured in Minor Impact Motor Vehicle Collision. In 2009, attorney Russell Kohn recovered $225,000 for a client who sustained injuries when he washead-on motor vehicle collision. The force of the collision was hotly disputed due to the minimal property damage to the vehicles. Defendant claimed he was stopped behind plaintiff at the red light, and took his foot off the brake and merely rolled into the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff claimed the collision caused an aggravation of a degenerative neck condition, requiring him to undergo discectomy and fusion surgery. Following surgery he was required to lose time from work, as well as undergo physical therapy. This matter was successfully resolved first by settlement with the liable party’s insurance company for their $50,000 policy limit, and then through mediation of the underinsured motorist coverage claim for an additional $175,000.”

$214,000.00 (Head On Motor Vehicle Collision)

“$214,000 Settlement for Couple in Motor Vehicle Crash In 2011, Kohn Law Office represented an elderly retired husband and wife who were injured in a rear end head-on motor vehicle collision on I-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 80-year-old husband was diagnosed with a kidney contusion injury, as well as facial lacerations. He received stitches for the lacerations on his face at the hospital where he was kept for 3 days for observation and tests. He recovered quickly without any follow up treatment. His case was settled quickly for $64,000. His 74-year-old wife was diagnosed with a large left shoulder rotator cuff tear as well as facial lacerations and contusions. In the hospital she received stitches for the laceration on the bridge of her nose, and eventually required a scar revision surgery from a plastic surgeon. She also required shoulder surgery and therapy. The Kohn Law Office was able to resolve her claim without the need for litigation for $150,000.”

$125,000.00 (Slip and Fall)

“$125,000 Recovered for 2014 Slip and Fall at grocery store Kohn Law Office represented a housewife who was injured on August 12, 2012 when she slipped and fell on water on the floor of a grocery store in Mira Mesa, California. This case was defended by Argonaut Insurance for its insured, Fortune Management, Inc., dba Seafood City Supermarket. The client had earlier seen a Seafood City employee spill water onto the floor from a tray he was carrying. This spill was not cleaned up. The area where the client slipped was near a large bin containing fish, which had ice inside the bin. Plaintiff contended that Seafood City had the duty to make reasonable inspections in that area to discover dangerous conditions such as water on the floor, and to thereafter make the area safe by either cleaning up the area or setting up warning signs to advise store patrons of the dangerous condition. Seafood City’s employees doctored sweep sheets to try to indicate that there was adequate inspection of the area. Seafood City conveniently lost the store surveillance video of the area of the fall. Seafood City also now denies there even was any water on the floor, despite an unbiased witness who observed water on the floor, and the placement of wet floor signs after the incident (Seafood City incredulously contended that they always have wet floor signs there to calm traffic in the area). In addition to all of that, plaintiff’s safety expert Brad Avrit would have testified to his opinion that the flooring when wet was an unreasonably dangerous condition, as it was far too slick according to well established slip resistance standards. The defendant had no safety expert to counter Mr. Avrit’s opinions. Mrs. Bautista, was taken by ambulance to Pomerado Hospital where x-rays revealed a displaced femoral fracture to her left hip. The next day she underwent “left total hip arthoplasty”. Mrs. Bautista stayed in the hospital for six days, after which she stayed at the Villa Pomerado nursing home for another seven days. Mrs. Bautista was given numerous medications to help her cope with the pain. She has made a full recovery.”

$120,000.00 (Bicycle Rider Injured)

“$120,000 Settlement for Bicycle Rider Injured by Unmarked Speed Bump This case involved a 48 year old Oceanside third grade school teacher who was injured while riding her bicycle to a friend’s home in an Oceanside mobile home park in 2006. The asphalt road into the park was on a downhill grade and had been recently resealed. Because the resealing covered the speed bump, which was not re-painted and thus unnoticeable, the client hit the speed bump and fell from her bike suffering a badly fractured right elbow requiring surgical repair with a plate and screws. Medical expenses were $30,000 and lost earnings were $28,000 over a four month disability period. The settlement was ultimately shared by both the mobile home park owner and its paving contractor, which both contended until close to trial that the injury was the victim’s own fault for not seeing the speed bump. Defendants hired a safety expert who testified that the speed bump was visible and did not need to be painted. This case involved a frivolous defense, and proves that some safety experts will testify to whatever opinion they are paid to give.”

$105,000.00 (Auto Accident)

“$105,000 Recovered for Couple in Motor Vehicle Crash In 2011, This case involved an elderly couple traveling home from dinner in a vehicle on Vista Way in Oceanside, when they were hit by a vehicle that had veered off the 78 freeway because its driver had negligently lost control of the vehicle. Four vehicles containing six injured people were involved in the crash. Our 66 year old female client, who was a retired school teacher,suffered massive chest contusions and bruising, as well as a rib sprain and head concussion. Our 70 year old male client, who was a retired design engineer, suffered 3 fractured ribs. Both healed quickly with minimal treatment and nearly no residual problems. One of the four other injury claimants involved, who was a passenger of the negligent driver, had severe permanent injuries. Attorney Russell Kohn was able to secure an early mediation and convince the defendant’s liability insurance company to tender its entire $300,000 liability policy limit. The case was settled within five months with $55,000 recovered for our female client and $50,000 recovered for our male client. This case is an example of our firm’s efficiency and expertise in expediting case resolution. Consult Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer Russell Kohn Throughout North County communities such as Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Oceanside, Russell Kohn has earned a remarkable reputation as a premier personal injury lawyer. His record of success demonstrates his dedication to obtaining favorable resolutions for each of his clients, while his honesty and integrity distinguish him as one of the region’s most trusted attorneys. If you or a loved one has been a victim of personal injury, contact the Kohn Law Office. Russell Kohn aggressively pursues the justice his clients deserve and the compensation they need.”

$93,000.00 (Bicycle Accident)

“$93,000 – Between December 2017 and March 2018, Kohn Law Office in association with Skolnick Law Group, recovered $93,000.00 for a bicyclist who got injured because of a driver who failed to yield the right-of-way in Santa Monica, California. The driver struck the bicyclist knocking him to the ground and causing him to suffer a right wrist fracture requiring surgical repair. In December 2017, the vehicle driver’s insurer, Mercury Insurance paid its $50,000.00 bodily injury liability coverage limit. Thereafter, an underinsured motorist claim was made on behalf of the client with his insurance, USAA, who paid an additional $43,000.00.”

$80,000.00 (Trip and Fall)

“$80,000 – On May 2018, Kohn Law Office in association with Skolnick Law Group obtained an $80,000 settlement on behalf of their client who had tripped and fell at the Westfield Mall in Carlsbad, California. The client tripped on torn carpeting at one of the mall entrances when she was leaving the premises, causing her to fall to the ground and herniate her L5-S1 disk in her low back. The client received physical therapy and opted not to have surgery. The Mall denied liability and asserted that the surveillance video was overwritten because the fall had not been reported until 15 days after the fall. A lawsuit was filed, and the case was resolved by settlement at mediation. The settlement was paid by the Westfield Mall’s insurer, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.”

$25,000.00 (Trip and Fall)

“$25,000.00 – In July 2018, Kohn Law Office in association with Skolnick Law Group, obtained a settlement in the amount of $25,000.00 on behalf of their 89-year-old client who was injured by a dog that was running loose on a sidewalk in Carlsbad, CA. The dog owner was walking her two dogs on the sidewalk and had let go of one of the leashes, allowing the dog to roam free. The leash entangled around the client’s feet, causing him to fall to the ground. The client suffered large skin abrasions to his left arm, abrasions to his head, and facial bruising. The settlement was paid by the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance, Farmers Insurance Company.”

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