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Attorney Endorsements

“Relationship: Worked together on matter-Russell is an example what a great lawyer should be. Experienced, knowledgeable and effective.”– Joel Selik, Debt collection Attorney

“Relationship: Worked together on matter-Russ is a straight shooter. I have witnessed him in trial and worked with him on cases. Russ works hard to get the best recovery for his clients.”– Wm. Halsey, Personal injury Attorney

“Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community-I endorse this lawyer.”– John Hansen, Personal injury Attorney

“Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community-Mr. Kohn’s reputation precedes him, however I have come to know him in the past year as a detail oriented, intelligent litigator. He cares about other people and will analyze your case from every angle to try to get the best results.”– Christopher Heim, Contracts and agreements Attorney

“Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community-Russell Kohn’s years of experience and professionalism make him a leader in the legal community. In addition to his own successful practice, he serves as an attorney mentor through the North County Bar Association. Simply put, he is the attorney that other attorneys turn to for advice and guidance (myself included). Russell is intelligence, hard-working, and ethical which is why I give him my highest endorsement.”– Nichole Dominguez, Landlord or tenant Attorney

“Relationship: Worked together on matter-Mr.Kohn is a highly skilled lawyer well respected within the legal community. I had the chance to work with him on a case. He is hardworking and dedicated to his clients. I strongly endorse him.”– John DeProspo, Personal injury Attorney

“Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community-I endorse Russell. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”– Michael Waddington, Military law Attorney

“Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community-I have known Russ for several years and highly recommend his skills and professionalism in personal injury cases.”– Deborah Bayus, Landlord or tenant Attorney

“Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community-Russ is a great lawyer. He is well known in the legal community and respected.”– Jeffrey Lacy, Divorce and separation Attorney

 Kohn Law Office

Call Today For A Free Consultation
(760) 710-0190
Available By Phone 24/7

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